Scene FAQ

1. Where do I redeem my PIN code for my SCENE points?

Go to and follow the online instructions to login and enter your PIN code when prompted.

2. What if I’m not a SCENE member?

When you get to, follow the instructions to join SCENE and then enter your PIN code to get your points.

3. Where do I get a PIN code to get SCENE points?

If you purchased online: Your PIN(s) will be included in the delivery with your purchase.

If you purchased in-store: You will receive a PIN card for every pair of jeans purchased.

4. How do I get my SCENE points?

The backside of your PIN card has instructions on how you deposit your PIN online at to get your points.

5. How long until I get my points?

The points will automatically be added to your account immediately after you deposit your PIN at

6. How do I get a free General Admission movie from shopping at Mark's?

You earn a free General Admission movie when you buy 2 pairs of jeans from Mark's then deposit your two PIN codes at (worth 500 bonus SCENE points each). Your 1,000 SCENE points can be redeemed for a free General Admission movie at Cineplex theatres.

7. What are the dates of the promotion?

The promotion runs February 28, 2017 September 18, 2017.

8. How long do I have to redeem my PIN(s)?

You can redeem your pins until October 2, 2017 EST 11:59PM.

9. Can I redeem as many PINs as I want?

You will earn points on a maximum of four PIN redemptions (2,000 SCENE points).

10. Who do I contact for help?

For all other SCENE promotion related questions please contact or 1-866-586-2805.