Innovations at Mark's

Explore our technologies built to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and safe.

Armour Flex®
Armour Flex®+

Non-metallic puncture-resistant safety plates

ARMOUR-FLEX® technology is a multi-layer textile composite made from a high tenacity yarn. The ARMOUR-FLEX® plates maintain flexibility while protecting the bottom of the foot. ARMOUR-FLEX®+ uses a slightly heavier and stiffer material than regular ARMOUR-FLEX® offering a higher puncture resistance. ARMOUR-FLEX® will keep your feet warmer in winter and can be found in work boots, steel-toe boots and safety shoes.

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Advanced one-way moisture management to keep you dry

driWear moisture management technology leaves you feeling dry and comfortable by rapidly moving moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it can quickly dry. The driWear™ technology can be found in our men’s athletic tops and bottoms.

driWear™ with X-ODOR® is a yarn-based technology that contains activated carbon and minerals to provide permanent odour protection. It can be found in our men’s baselayers and underwear, and men’s and ladies socks.

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Provides weather, stain and salt resistance.

DURAGUARD® PROTECTION helps to extend the life of shoes and boots by protecting against soil, rain, and oils.

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Exterior toe cap for added protection

DURATOE® is a molded toe cap applied to the outside of work boots to increase the life of the toe area of the boot. It is quite flexible and extremely durable, ensuring that the toes of your work boots withstand hard wearing.

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FLEXTECH® specialty fabric with excellent stretch for ultimate comfort.

Specialty fabric with excellent stretch and long-lasting shape, ensuring that our casual and industrial clothing feels comfortable and will retain its shape throughout its lifetime.

Our FLEXTECH® 360° WAISTBAND used in our men’s pants has hidden stretch fibres that run horizontally throughout the waist, allowing the waistband to stretch up to 2” for ultimate comfort and fit even after repeated wash and wear.

Hidden expandable elastic waist construction for a custom fit

Our FLEXTECH® WAISTBAND in men’s pants is an integrated elastic that allows the waistband to expand as needed, providing a custom and comfortable fit.

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Odour protection technology for all day freshness

FRESHTECH® is a safe and invisible technology applied to our clothing and footwear to control odour and keep you fresh all day long.

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Durable water protection

Water repellent & breathable – Keep dry in light rain

A durable water repellent (DWR) treatment applied to our casual and industrial clothing and accessories, allows the clothing to maintain its natural breathability while adding a water repellent function – keeping you dry without adding weight or changing the texture, look, or feel of the original fabric.

Water resistant & breathable – Keep dry through light rain and snow

A lightweight, water resistant and breathable barrier is applied to the fabric of our casual and industrial clothing, footwear and accessories. Critical seams are sealed to further enhance water protection, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Waterproof & breathable – Our best water protection

A waterproof barrier is laminated to the underside of the outer fabric and a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment is applied on the outside of our casual and industrial clothing and accessories. Waterproof zippers and all seams are sealed to keep you and your valuables dry. Our footwear is designed with a seam sealed, bootie-shaped, waterproof and breathable membrane providing a barrier to the elements to keep your feet dry.

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A safer way to walk on ice

Leading edge technology for advanced traction on ice.

ICEFX® has an innovative tread design to provide greater surface contact in the heel and forefoot to achieve an anti-slip outsole. A softer, more flexible rubber compound in the outsole does not harden in the cold and gripping pods enhance traction. ICEFX® may also utilize other compounds or materials in the outsole of our casual and industrial footwear to help achieve slip resistance on ice.

DISCLAIMER: ICEFX® provides enhanced traction on ice but does not guarantee slips will not occur under any circumstances. Care should always be taken when walking on ice.

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Freshly ironed look, right from the dryer

PERFECTLY PRESSED clothing provides a crisp, ironed look straight from the dryer that resist wrinkling all day long. Our PERFECTLY PRESSED men’s tops and bottoms are made from premium breathable cotton and are treated to retain sharp creases for the life of the garment. No need to dry clean or iron after washing.

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Canada’s first tick & mosquito repellent clothing

No Fly Zone® technology provides odorless, long-lasting and effective protection against ticks and mosquito bites. Good for 70 washes, this durable technology in our casual clothing and accessories is a proven way to help prevent tick and mosquito bites while outdoors.

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A better way to walk

The QUAD COMFORT® footwear technology in our casual and industrial boots and shoes consists of a minimum of 4 comfort components integrated between the insole through to the outsole of the shoe, which address shock absorption, weight distribution, cushioning and alleviation of pressure points when walking.


QUAD COMFORT® LITE is designed to provide lightweight casual and industrial footwear, without compromising the comfort and benefits of QUAD COMFORT® technology.


QUAD COMFORT STANCE® is an innovative and dynamic footwear technology in our casual and industrial shoes and boots, that is functionally engineered to offer support and actively stabilize standing. Designed to provide proper guiding movement from the neutral foot position, the gait-line groove (S component on the outsole) guides the foot along the natural gait-line, preventing pronation and supination of the foot for better balance and control.

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Enhanced visibility in all directions

REFLECTSHUN® is powered by 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective material. REFLECTSHUN® clothing, accessories and footwear contain retroreflective materials, to enhance the visibility of the wearer in low-light conditions

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Improves blood circulation

Clothing and socks with RESTORE BIOCERAMIC™ technology are knitted with yarns containing unique minerals that help improve blood circulation in your body. The minerals absorb heat from the body and return it in the form of FIR (far-infrared rays), which helps to stimulate blood circulation. The bio-ceramic technology is mineral based and very durable.


Repels liquid spills to prevent stains

STAIN REJECTOR® fabrics are used in our men’s pants to repel liquid so spills instantly bead up and wipe off without leaving a mark.

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A safer way to walk

Casual and Industrial footwear with our TARANTULA ANTISLIP® outsoles provide the ultimate in slip protection by reducing the likelihood that you’ll slip or fall on wet and/or greasy surfaces. Our anti-slip outsoles have a unique tread pattern and compound to increase friction and push liquids from underfoot, providing incredible grip to resist slipping on most surfaces including wet, soapy, oily and greasy surfaces.

DISCLAIMER: This footwear has been tested for wet and dry conditions. It has not been tested for use on any type of ice.


Maximum grip performance on icy surfaces

TARANTULA® TRACTION ON DEMAND is an advanced and durable retractable spike technology made with the strongest tungsten carbide materials used in our casual and industrial shoes and boots. The spikes are deployed and retracted on demand with the turn of a handle for convenience, to maximize footwear grip performance on icy surfaces.

DISCLAIMER: These retractable spikes are intended for outdoor use. The spikes are specifically designed to bite into ice but will also bite into indoor surfaces. Please ensure to retract the spikes before going indoors.


Adaptive heel increases surface contact to improve traction

This special outsole in our work boots and safety shoes was developed and engineered with a unique technology built into the heel of the outsole to provide additional grip. Since the first point of contact with any surface is the heel, the softer rubber compound in the heel adapts, compresses and spreads to provide more surface contact and grip when you walk. More surface contact generally means more slip resistance and will keep you safely on your feet.

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Rechargeable heat at the touch of a button

Our workwear, accessories, work boots and casual footwear with THERMALECTRIC® technology were created to provide maximum comfort in the cold. Designed with an innovative and rechargeable, three temperature heating system, these rugged items have the ability to keep you warm in the cold weather. Just by pressing the LED flame button, heat is instantly supplied to the product using a rechargeable power pack

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Maximum Warmth & Superior Comfort

Reduces heat loss to ensure your feet stay warmer, longer

T-MAX® AEROGEL insoles are used inside of select Mark’s Casual and industrial winter footwear styles. The insoles contain fully encapsulated AEROGEL material to allow minimal heat transfer from the base of the foot, ensuring maximum warmth

Superior warmth and excellent loft retention

T-MAX® ELEMENT insulation in our clothing provides superior warmth and excellent loft retention while maintaining a soft and supple feel. The hydrophobic fibers help to keep your body dry and regulate your body temperature in wet conditions.

Superior heat retention with temperature regulation

T-MAX HEAT® technology provides improved heat retention and body temperature regulation in our casual clothing, thermals, footwear and accessories. The technology increases heat dissipation from the body when it is too warm, and helps you hold onto your heat when the environment is cooler.

Maximum warmth & superior comfor

T-MAX® insulation is a lightweight insulation in our clothing, shoes, boots and accessories that provides warmth without the bulk and allows moisture to move away from the body to help regulate your body temperature. Keeping you warm, dry and comfortable.  

Lightweight, water resistant and warm down alternative

Jackets & Vests with T-MAX® SPHERE technology have the same superior temperature regulation and water resistance of our traditional T-MAX® insulation, but with a loft, resiliency and weight comparable to down. The machine washable, quick drying fibres are highly resistant to clumping, reducing cold spots and prolonging the performance of your outerwear.

Jackets & Vests with T-MAX® SPHERE technology have the same superior temperature regulation and water resistance of our traditional T-MAX® insulation, but with a loft, resiliency and weight comparable to down. The machine washable, quick drying fibres are highly resistant to clumping, reducing cold spots and prolonging the performance of your outerwear.

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Next generation of Hi Visibility work wear

Our workwear and Industrial footwear with VizLite™ Dual Technology helps you become more visible at the night. The material contains photo luminescent crystal that absorb UV energy and emits light in low light conditions. It fully charges in UV light (daylight or fluorescent lighting) in minutes, and glows for hours.

*VizLite™ is owned by Viz Reflectives Ltd.

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