Designed to last, wash after wash

Our 50 WASH garments use superior yarn construction and special dyes to ensure that the color does not fade throughout the garment’s lifetime. The high performance fabric also resists shrinking and pilling for up to 50 washes. 50 WASH garments will continue to look the same colour as when they were purchased. They will also retain their shape through wear and laundering.

Designed to last, wash after wash

Our 100 WASH garments use superior yarn construction and dyes to ensure that the color does not fade throughout the garment’s lifetime. The high performance fabric also resists shrinking and pilling for up to 100 washes. 100 WASH garments are typically made with either nylon or polyester that is blended with spandex. The advantages of these garments are that they will continue to look the same color as when they were purchased and will retain their shape through wear and laundering.

This innovation is featured in both men’s products and ladies yoga products. At Mark's, our 100 WASH yoga pants fit and flatter in all the right places and are guaranteed to look like new for 100 washes.

Non-metallic puncture-resistant safety plates

This technology is a multi layer textile composite made from a high tenacity yarn. The woven fabric undergoes different treatments to reach the desired level of hardness while maintaining its flexibility. The ARMOUR-FLEX® textile insole can be sewn directly onto the upper and offers 100% protection of the bottom of the foot, as compared to the steel plate that only protects around 85% of the bottom of the foot. ARMOUR-FLEX® will keep your feet warmer in winter because, unlike steel, it will not conduct heat away from your foot. ARMOURFLEX® provides the technology that you need to keep your feet protected, while still allowing your foot to bend.

ARMOUR-FLEX®+ uses a slightly heavier and stiffer material than the regular

ARMOUR-FLEX® construction and offers a higher puncture resistance.

Advanced impact technology

ARMOUR FOAM™ impact technology delivers additional shock absorption and protective cushioning in the uppers of work boots while maintaining comfort and flexibility. This innovative, moldable material is comfortable, lightweight, flexible, and returns to its original shape after impact. This technology is designed to offer additional protection from exterior impacts, a feature not commonly found in protective footwear. Footwear with this innovation also includes a breathable layer to help feet stay dry and cool.

COMFORT DRY is our basic moisture technology that is applied to fabrics to improve the spread of moisture across the fabric surface. This increased spread allows moisture to evaporate more readily, keeping you comfortable. It is currently used in our men’s and ladies casual tops and bottoms.

Shape-enhancing technology

CURVE-TECH® uses built-in firm mesh panels as an integral part of the garment to enhance, re-shape, lift and/or control the figure. The panels are strategically sewn under waistbands, at side seams, and on the front and back rise to control tummy, hips and buttocks without being visible from the exterior of the garment. The panels retain their shape and fit after every wash and wear.

CURVE-TECH® TUMMY CONTROL technology can be used in pants, dresses and tanks for a slimmer and trimmer appearance. For pants that have front pockets, mesh or tighter cotton is used as the pocketing and it is designed to cover the inside front of the pants to smooth your tummy. The mesh is used alone in CURVE-TECH® pants that do not have front pockets and provides the same type of shaping. Another CURVE-TECH® construction uses strategically placed twill tape on the inside pocketing to shape and smooth the tummy area. For slimming tanks, there is a stretch tummy panel made to flatten the stomach.

CURVE-TECH® BODY SCULPTOR pant is engineered to shape and contour using strategically placed darts and seams as a part of the garment construction. The CURVE-TECH® body sculptor technology is used in ladies pants to give a shapelier and flattering look.

CURVE-TECH® TOTAL CONTROL garments utilize both the butt lifter and tummy control technologies to completely re-shape the bottom half of your body and also to hide unsightly panty lines. CURVE-TECH® total control midriff technology is a 360 degree mesh panel that flattens and slenderizes the midsection for a super-slim silhouette.

Advanced moisture management technology

DRIWEAR® defines moisture management as rapid one way moisture movement from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric where it is not allowed to travel back to the skin. Stopping moisture from returning to the skin leaves you feeling dry and comfortable, no matter how much you are sweating. The speed at which the moisture moves, evaporates, and dries is the reason that DRIWEAR® is superior to conventional moisture wicking fabrics. The one way moisture management performance can be achieved with synthetic and cotton fabrics through either the creation of a two layer fabric, by using a combination of different yarns to move moisture away from the skin, or by applying a finish to the inside of the fabric. Our cotton DRIWEAR® fabrics maintain their soft, natural feel with the added benefit of transporting moisture away from your skin for increased comfort.

DRIWEAR® X-ODOR® Carbon Silver is one of our DRIWEAR® technologies that work by using a dual layer process and different size yarns. The inside fabric layer uses a manufactured polyester fibre to transport moisture and contains millions of micro-pores filled with nano silver and activated carbon to provide odour protection. The outer layer of the fabric enables moisture from the skin to be quickly absorbed and spread across the surface, resulting in the fabric drying quickly as moisture evaporates more readily. The performance properties of the fabric with X-Odor® are permanent and do not involve chemical finishes being applied to the surface of the fabric. Socks using X-Odor® do not employ a two layer construction and instead accomplish the process of moisture movement through the knitting of multiple yarns.

Advanced protection extends the life of the footwear

DURAGUARD® is Mark’s registered trademark for durable leather footwear. DURAGUARD® LEATHER is a unique application where polyurethane is added in the finishing and processing of the leather. This significantly increases the durability and weather resistance. This technology will help to protect the footwear against soil, rain and oils.

Durability that adds life to boots

DURATOE® uses a molded toe cap that is applied to the outside of the work boot to increase the life of the toe area of the boot. The material used can be made of a variety of materials that may look or have properties similar to plastics and other artificial components. They will be quite flexible and extremely durable, ensuring that the toes of your work boots withstand hard wear.

FAST ABSORBING, QUICK DRYING garments are made with specially treated fabrics to enhance the spread of moisture over the surface of the fabric when sweating. This helps the garment dry faster to keep you more comfortable. This is currently used on our men’s and ladies activewear.

Garments with revolutionary flexibility

FLEXTECH® uses advanced performance technologies in stretch fibres and fabric construction. Determined by style and end use of the garment, the synthetic stretch fibres used in the FLEXTECH® fabrics must meet our stretch and recovery standards, ensuring that the garments feel comfortable and will retain their shape throughout the lifetime of the garment.

360 °FLEXTECH® WAISTBAND has hidden stretch fibres that run vertically throughout the waist to always fit within a fraction of an inch. This provides the ultimate comfort and fit even after repeated wash and wear. It’s just the right amount of give in every direction for extraordinary movement.

Antimicrobial, stays fresh

FRESHTECH® is a safe and invisible antimicrobial treatment that is applied to our footwear and garment products. In garments the treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause odor. In footwear the treatment inhibits the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew, in addition to odor causing bacteria. The FRESHTECH® treatment stops bacteria and fungi from reproducing, which creates a safe and comfortable product. We ensure the effectiveness and durability of FRESHTECH® through standard testing.

Water repellant/breathable – Keep dry in your everyday favorites

The special treatment applied to the fabric allows the clothing to maintain its natural breathability while adding a water repellant function – keeping the wearer dry without adding weight or changing the texture, look, or feel of the original fabric.

Water resistant/breathable – Keep dry through light rain and snow

A lightweight, water resistant and breathable barrier is applied to the underside of the outer fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Critical seams are sealed to further enhance water protection. The membrane used at an HD2 level in footwear must withstand over 3000 mm of water column without leaking and must allow 3000 g/m2 of moisture to pass through over a 24 hour period.

100% Waterproof/breathable – Our best water protection

A waterproof barrier is laminated to the underside of the outer fabric and a durable water repellant (DWR) treatment is applied on the outside. Waterproof zippers and all seams on the garment are sealed to keep you and your valuables dry. Exceeding industry standards, HYPER-DRI® 3 represents an impenetrable barrier to the elements while allowing body-generated moisture to escape. For HD3 footwear, the membrane must withstand over 5000 mm of water column without leaking and allow 5000 g/m2 of moisture to pass through the fabric over a 24 hour period. Footwear is water tank tested to 50 000 foot flexes to simulate extreme conditions.

A new, breathable air-flow system in safety footwear

Footwear containing INNOVAIR have improved comfort in the midsole as well as enhanced breathability. This technology was developed by lowering the protective safety plate below the midsole to improve comfort while still passing CSA guidelines. Further, by adding a driWear footbed to move moisture away from the foot towards the midsole and a midsole containing venting channels we are able to improve breathability and moisture management within the footwear.

No panty lines. Stays in place. No distractions.

PERFECT FIT PANTIES provide full rear coverage and do not ride up, meaning you stay comfortable all day long. They provide a smooth look, showing no panty lines and incorporate stretch fibers for a better fit. PERFECT FIT PANTIES use the softest and smoothest cotton for lasting comfort.

A crisp, dry-cleaned look straight from your dryer

PERFECTLY PRESSED garments provide a crisp, ironed look straight from the dryer and resist wrinkling all day long. They are made from premium breathable cotton and are treated to retain sharp creases for the life of the garment. Also, a bonding tape is inserted between adjoining fabric panels that make up the seam to create a strong, permanent bond along the seam, which prevents seam puckering. The final result is a garment that does not need to be dry cleaned or ironed after washing.

A better way to walk. Shock absorbing, energy return.

The QUAD COMFORT® footwear technology consists of a minimum of 4 comfort components, which address shock absorption, weight distribution, cushioning & pressure displacement and occasionally outsole performance. The construction of the footwear depends on their end use and the requirements of the footwear. The four components are integrated between the footbed or insole through to the bottom of the outsole. If a component provides a significant and functionally noticeable advantage, it may also comprise a feature that is incorporated into the upper of the footwear. Shock absorption is addressed by adding additional cushioning in the heel of the shoe as it is the first areas of contact when walking. Another component of comfort can be added under the ball of the foot to help distribute weight, alleviate pressure points and provide greater energy return. For cushioning and pressure displacement, our footwear uses lightweight, flexible functional midsoles that can be made up of many densities of cushioning. Lastly, outsoles are functionally engineered to provide the utmost in comfort, shock absorption and flexibility.

Other outsole materials may also be considered such as leather if they truly provide a comfort component or benefit to the end user. Our TARANTULA ANTI-SLIP™ outsoles can be used for QUAD COMFORT® footwear to provide a high degree of slip resistance to reduce the likelihood of a slip or fall while still maintaining QUAD COMFORT® features in their structure.

Independent pillars absorb impact for reduced foot fatigue

QUAD COMFORT® PILLAR TECHNOLOGY uses a unique pillar design in the midsole that compresses with body weight for superior support and cushioning. Different polyurethane densities are used to absorb weight and disperse pressure, giving a rebounding effect while walking. The results is overall superior comfort while helping to reduce fatigue during the course of the day.

QUAD COMFORT® TRACTION SYSTEM is a special outsole that was developed and engineered with a unique technology built into the heel of the outsole to provide additional grip. Since the first point of contact with any surface is the heel, the softer rubber compound in the heel adapts, compresses and spreads to provide more surface contact and grip when you walk. More surface contact generally means more slip resistance, and will keep you safely on your feet.

All the comfort, less weight

QUAD COMFORT® LITE system significantly reduces the weight of the footwear, while still offering all of the comfort and cushioning expected from QUAD COMFORT®.

QUICK DRY fabrics are treated with a special finish that helps to prevent moisture absorption. When submerged in water, the fabric will pick up minimal moisture, resulting in a faster drying time for the garment. This technology is currently used on our men’s and ladies hiking shorts/pants, and men’s swim shorts.

Hard-working clothes stay looking new, longer

The SOIL AND STAIN RELEASE innovation enhances a fabric’s ability to release stains during home laundering. This durable treatment surrounds individual fibres and will not impact the look or feel of the garment. Apparel with this finish will be more effectively cleaned when washed at home, helping to keep clothing looking newer for longer. SOIL AND STAIN RELEASE can be applied to cottons and blended fabrics that are either knit or woven construction. Current processing is pre-cured, meaning the fabric is treated and cured prior to cutting the fabric for sewing. Both of the technologies that we use under this innovation are PFOA and PFOS free.

Spill on. Roll off. Move on.

STAIN REJECTOR™ fabrics repel so that liquid spills instantly bead up and wipe off without leaving a mark. Instead of overwhelming the fabric with a heavy coating, STAIN REJECTOR™ uses nanotechnology to modify the fabric at the molecular lever, which acts to elevate liquids and prevent them from wetting the fabric. The durable transformations of the fibres cause spills to bead up and roll off to provide lasting performance. Our WRINKLE RESISTANT innovation is used in conjunction with STAIN REJECTOR™ so that a garment is ready to wear right out of the dryer and resists wrinkling throughout the day.

Engineered to help prevent slips and falls 

TARANTULA ANTI-SLIP™ is Mark’s innovation that represents anti-slip footwear in men’s, ladies and industrial categories. Our anti-slip outsoles provide the ultimate in slip protection and dramatically reduce the likelihood that you’ll slip or fall on wet and/or greasy surfaces. To achieve this high performance, the outsoles use a unique tread pattern and advanced compound to increase the coefficient of friction.

J-STEP® is one of the technologies used inside of TARANTULA ANTI-SLIP™ footwear. J-STEP®’s outsoles provide incredible grip to resist slipping on the majority of surfaces including wet, soapy, oily and greasy surfaces. To achieve this high performance, J-STEP® uses a unique tread pattern and soft rubber compound to increase the coefficient of friction. Many other shoe outsoles hydroplane on wet surfaces, resulting in poor traction for the wearer. J-STEP® outsoles, however, push liquids to the outside using unique micro channels, instead of keeping liquids underfoot.

A safer way to walk on ice

TARANTULA ANTISLIP™ ON ICE has an innovative tread design to provide greater surface contact in the heel strike zone and forefoot to achieve an anti-slip outsole. The outsole also uses a softer, more flexible rubber compound that does not harden in the cold and incorporates gripping pods to provide enhanced traction. TARANTULA ANTISLIP™  ON ICE may also utilize other compounds or materials in the outsole to help achieve slip resistance on ice. Compounds such as Green Diamond technology are used, which is engineered silicium carbide crystals impregnated into the rubber and exposed to grip onto icy surfaces. Constant research is explored to search for new and better materials to provide a “Safer Way to Walk”.

*Tarantula Anti-slip™ on Ice provides enhanced traction on ice but does not guarantee slips will not occur under any circumstances. Care should always be taken when walking on ice.

Heat at the touch of a button

THERMALECTRIC™ RECHARGEABLE HEATED BOOTS were created to provide maximum comfort in the cold. Designed with an innovative and rechargeable, three temperature heating system, these rugged, outdoor boots have the ability to keep your feet warm up to 6 hours per charge, depending on if the footwear style uses one or two batteries.

Just by pressing the LED flame button at the side of the boots, heat is instantly channeled right to your toes using lithium polymer batteries that provide 200 charge cycles of heat. Boots are charged by plugging the AC Charger into a standard electrical outlet, and connecting the cord to the DC input port on the boot shaft for approximately 4.5 hours for a full charge.

Our lightest, warmest insulation

T-MAX® insulation is a lightweight, hypo-allergenic insulation that provides warmth without the bulk and allows moisture to move away from the body to help regulate your body temperature. T-MAX® insulation is made with a combination of high performance fibres that keep the body warm, dry and comfortable and are machine washable with excellent loft retention. T-MAX® insulation is also used in footwear to regulate the temperature of your feet and allow moisture and excess heat to escape.

T-MAX® AEROGEL insoles are a new technology used inside of select Mark’s winter footwear styles. AEROGEL is a non-compressive solid material that is highly porous and consists mostly of air. This structure makes it an extremely good insulator against the transfer of heat. Mark’s T-MAX® insoles contain fully encapsulated AEROGEL material to allow minimal heat transfer from the base of the foot, ensuring maximum warmth.

Our warmest sock

T-MAX HEAT™ SOCKS have the ability to keep your feet warm for a much longer period by using high bulk yarns, special knitting and intensive brushing. The special high bulk acrylic yarn gives high thermal capacity and at the same time keeps the sock light in weight. Our special knitting method allows for a much thicker cushion, which increases the heat retention of the product and gives added comfort. Each sock goes through our intensive brushing technique resulting in high air retention close to the skin and maximum insulation properties. The benefit is increased foot warmth.

Superior heat retention with temperature regulation

The T-MAX HEAT™ technology is used in both men’s and ladies garments and provides improved heat retention and body temperature regulation. The garments use either a technical blend of fibres or specialty dyes to increase heat dissipation from the body when it is too warm, and help you hold onto your heat when the environment is cooler.

 Safety on the outside, more comfort inside

The X-TOE® EXTERNAL SAFETY TOE gives you the protection of steel toecaps without the discomfort. This new Mark’s technology places the steel safety toe on the outside of the upper, ridding the usual discomfort that steel safety toes create inside the boot. By placing the steel safety toe outside, the boots are able to provide a barrier against cold steel toes, allow more space internally and therefore enhance comfort. Perfect for the safety and comfort of workers in the construction trades.

Flexible construction

This technology can be found within Mark’s Industrial footwear and is an injected welt construction with engineered flex grooves located in the sole. Typically, the natural range of motion in the forefoot is limited by the stiffness of the outsole. This unique construction reduces this limitation posed from the footwear and features increased flexibility underneath the forefoot. It is seen as a Z-shape when looking at the footwear outsole, which follows the natural flexing motion of your forefoot relative to your heel. By allowing for a more natural movement, the concept is that the worker will feel less fatigued at the end of a work day.