No matter where your outdoor passions take you, you need clothes that are going to last and do the job they are meant to do. Even if you're taking on some of the most intense outdoor projects or adventures, you don't need to sacrifice on style. Our outdoor essentials are the clothes you need to get outdoors and do what you love.

One of the most important, if not the most important pieces of your outdoor gear are your shoes. If your feet are comfortable, you will fully enjoy your adventure. On easier trails, flexible light shoes will be comfortable to wear and encourage the natural movement of your foot. On more technical terrain and longer trips, your shoes. should provide stability and support. You will also want to consider the water resistance of your shoes. and the reinforcements you may need such as toe and heel protection.

The type of shoe you choose is personal and we know that, so we have gathered a curated collection of hiking boots, walking shoes and runners that will keep you moving no matter your adventure.

Don’t forget socks! Good quality socks created for the outdoors are essential

The greatest thing about outdoor clothing? The versatility. Our outdoor collection can be worn hiking, around the campfire, whilst having a backyard BBQ or a combination or all four. And that's just the beginning. Comfortable enough to wear all day and even through the night, it's easy to get excited for the summer season and its adventures when your clothes are functional, stylish, and get the job done. Just remember in any outdoor activity it is important to be able to layer your clothes especially due to changes in weather that generally can happen quickly.

Don’t forget your cap, sun hat or bandana!