Canada's Weather Shop. Keeping You Warm in Any Canadian Winter.

Canadian winters are tough. There’s no two ways about it: when the days are short, brisk, or downright freezing, the first thing we reach for is gear made to withstand the elements. Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor ice can stop you from getting out there.

Clothes for Brisk to Cold Weather

Mild Cold
Made for Brisk to Cold

Canadians know how important it is to layer when temperatures start to dip. Whether you need a flannel under a light jacket, a warm pair of boots or the right pair of jeans - we’ve got what you need for the early winter weather.

Clothes for Cold and Wet Weather

Cold + Wet
Made for Cold to Frigid

When the snow starts to fall and temperatures are continually declining, it’s time to accept winter is here. Shield yourself from the wet snowfall with a Hyper-Dri water resistant jacket and a pair of waterproof winter boots. Don’t forget to layer up and wear a base layer to protect yourself when the thermometer drops.

Clothes for Very Cold Weather

Very Cold
Made for Frigid to Freezing

We’ve crafted our coldest gear with Canadian winters in mind, packed with more insulation and technology than you thought possible. Because when it’s so cold outside the inside of your nose freezes, you need gear that won’t slow you down.

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