The Classics

The Classics Canadians Need

The tried, tested and true classics of any wardrobe. There is nothing like a buttery soft tee, well built jeans, and quality crafted shoes. The items you reach for everyday should be designed to look and function just as well in the city as they do in the great outdoors. No matter what lays ahead of you, your wardrobe isn’t complete without these staples.

We know that your basics are the items you reach for everyday - whether they’re the base of your outfit or more than that. That’s why we have curated a collection of The Classics, items that well-known, loved, and trusted. The Classics are pieces that are built to last, look good and carry you through the years no matter what life throws at you.

Our Classic Tees

Our classic t-shirts are the perfect basic for every wardrobe. They're made of naturally breathable cotton knit with added stretch for comfort and flexibility. Easy to wear and easy to care for.

Our Classic Denim

Denim is the foundation of most outfits. We've curated some of our most engineered denim to be part of the classics so you can rely on them no matter what you’re doing.

Our Classic Shoes

Shoes are more than Shoes. They’re statements. So whether you want your shoes to say rugged, sophisticated, or something in between, there’s a pair for you.