For a soft casual sandal with unlined leather straps and raw edges in neutral tones for a simple, sophisticated look.

Laser-cut textiles and surfaces offer a delicate touch to women's footwear. Geometric, floral and organic patterns are incorporated into leather and synthetic materials offering a look that fuses the traditional with the modern.

With the growing appetite for comfort footwear, loafers, derby and brogue designs are given a casual overhaul for spring. Traditional silhouettes are combined with athletic runner soles to tap into a contemporary hybrid feel.

As the athleisure trend evolves, the boundaries between sportswear and fashion are blurred. This outdoor silhouette adds practical comfort by utilizing performance-inspired hardware like durable elastic straps to enhance everyday activities and flexibility across multiple terrains.

The knitted lifestyle runner remains an integral trend. Textured knitted uppers offer a contemporary twist by using thick and fine threads combined with intricate patterns to create distinctive styling. Knit surfaces are flexible and lightweight, and offer a customised fit and feel.

Fundamentally based on a minimal attitude, the  normsport look is based on core basics with timeless appeal. The calming palette of neutrals lends itself to unisex design with slip-ons and low-profile lace-ups.