If you’re in The Collective, it means you embody everything it means to be Well Worn. Your actions are selfless. Your motivations are pure. You’re driven by a sense of purpose. By values, not material greed or the pursuit of fame. You lead by example. You put the needs of others, before your own. But most of all, you always follow your moral compass, even if it sends you on a route that might not be shortest, or easiest. Because to the Well Worn Collective, obstacles are always just challenges, and never reasons to turn around.

Featured Story

Jagger Gordon

Driven by his dedication to help make Canada a better place, Jagger works to reduce food waste by rescuing discarded but still perfectly good food; giving it a second life as a meal for a person in need.

What does it mean to be Well Worn?

Mark’s has always been there for those who live well worn. The ones who know that after work is done, a second shift starts. That there are commitments to keep, dates to plan, and life to enjoy. And that the clothes from Mark’s will be with them through it all. It’s about putting the same amount of pride and dedication in our downtime as we do in our work. That’s Well Worn. We constantly challenge ourselves to be the best and always make sure we remain true to our core values.

Well Worn means 'Durability'


Those who are Well Worn will never let someone down. They will always be there when they say they’ll be there. And we’re proud to sell clothes that promise the same.

Well Worn means 'Character'


The Well Worn pride themselves on the strength of their character. We pride ourselves on the strength of our clothes on and off the job. Our clothes have character, and so do the ones who wear it.

Well Worn means 'Wearing it Well'

Wearing it Well

Nothing looks betters on you than confidence. Whether you’re at work or out on the town, we have the clothes that give you the confidence in every situation.