Jully Black

Jully Black

When it comes to Jully Black, there’s more than meets the eye. On paper she’s the Juno-winning, R&B belting, Canadian queen of soul. But when she’s not on stage, receiving one of her many accolades, or performing for the Queen of England, she’s doing what she’s (admittedly) best at: empowering others.

Juno-winning, R&B belting, Canadian queen of soul, Jully Black.

“Don’t let life pin you down before you decide to get up.”

The co-founder and keynote speaker for “Empowered in my Skin”, a women’s empowerment summit, her passion for music is only exceeded by her drive to empower others. She champions causes important to her, such as being a vocal advocate of LGBTQ+ communities, and uses her career as a platform to celebrate and inspire the greatness that lies within each of us.

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