Kyle Chow - Plant

Kyle Chow

Founder of Calgary-based Plant, 36-year-old Kyle Chow knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow a thriving business—from the ground up.

Kyle Chow, founder of Calgary-based Plant.

“The shop has opened up new friendships, partnerships, relationships, and opportunities I could never have dreamt of. It has allowed us to join a community of small businesses, and people working hard to make our city so much more vibrant.”

Plant started as a hobby, building terrariums for friends and family. Plants, indoors and out, have been a love of mine since I was about 5 years old. I started learning about plants from my grandma and worked at a garden centre in my teen years, with my own research filling in the gaps.

When I first saw a terrarium on a vacation about eight or nine years ago, I was inspired to get home, do some research and start creating. From there it led to selling my terrariums at local markets and, then the opening of our retail store five years ago.