Lourdes Juan

Lourdes Juan

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Lourdes Juan. The founder and director of four businesses in Calgary, she also founded the not-for-profit food rescue, Leftovers Foundation, which is designed to reduce waste and increase access to healthy food.

Lourdes Juan is the founder of 4 businesses and a non-profit in Calgary, Alberta.

“Food waste isn’t a foreign concept for people and many want to do something about it.”

Seven years ago, I picked up surplus bread at a bakery franchise in Calgary through their ‘end of day giving’ program for charities. I was astounded to walk away with about 200 pounds of bread that would have otherwise been tossed!

I knew some local business owners of coffee shops and bakeries and asked them if they had excess food at the end of the day, and if I could deliver it to service agencies around Calgary.

With the help of a few other volunteers, we started pickup and deliveries. Today, we rescue about four tons of food per week from retailers and ensure it gets to agencies in need.

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