Paul Shumlich

Paul Shumlich

Paul is one of the founders of Calgary-based Deepwater Farms, where they use aquaponics to grow fresh, leafy greens all year long—even during the frosty winter months—thanks to the help of some sea bass raised in a closed-loop system on site.

Paul Shumlich is the founder of 4 businesses and a non-profit in Calgary, Alberta.

“I have been given a lot of opportunities in life and I feel it’s my duty to try to leave the world better than the way I entered it.”

We noticed that a lot of the produce we consume in Canada was being imported from California, Arizona, and Mexico, specifically baby greens and lettuce. It bothered us that we were paying more for organic produce that had deteriorated in quality due to being transported from so far away.

Deepwater Farms began as a backyard science project to see if we could grow our own food using aquaponics. The closed loop nature, where fish waste fertilizes the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish, seemed like a system that could help ease our reliance on chemical fertilizers and also use water more responsibly. This was beautiful to us, and the way we saw the future of agriculture going.

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