Quel projet portez-vous

At L’Équipeur, we believe that what you wear represents what you do. Your passions, your ambitions, your actions, big projects or small, they all take work.

Our clothing is for the hardworking, the dedicated, the trailblazers. We care about more than what you wear. We care about what you’re going to accomplish.

How about you? What project are you working on?

Featured Story

La Manchure – Étienne Terrien

Étienne Terrien is the artisan knifemaker behind La Manchure. He makes top-quality blades and kitchen knives in his workshop in the village of Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel, near Trois-Rivières.

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More Projects

Destined to be craftspeople, Marie-Pier Aubry and Maxime Levesque started their studio while attending university together. Their passion and creativity quickly led to a hands-on artistic approach that never limits itself and pushes the boundaries of timeless creation.

Jean-Philippe Bouchard at one point in his life found himself ‘on the wrong side of the desk’ and Distillerie Du Fjord was born. His curiosity for out of the ordinary projects and a family history of gin-making made the path of entrepreneurship even easier to follow.

At the age of 10 under the Saguenay skies Clement Jacques found himself captivated by music - this passion gradually grew and would develop into what he would perceive as his calling. After somewhat reluctantly auditioning for a project in his early twenties he found himself in the swirl of a budding and bright career.

Cirque Alfonse blends circus techniques with the arts and traditional Quebec folklore for an unforgettable performance. It was established in Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez in Quebec as an extension of a family’s performing arts history and to fondly remember and relive childhood memories.

Paving a path in a male-dominated industry has never scared Marissa Plamondon-Lu, this drive led to the opening of Bikurious. Ten years later she still drives forward her original mandate of encouraging female and LGBTQ presence in the biking community and hiring as many women as possible.

For Matt Charland it’s not all about the footage itself, it’s about the stories behind the footage. As a photographer and videographer he’s been able to enter a variety of worlds from a chefs kitchen to a pilots flight deck – but no matter it’s always about finding the beauty.