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If you’re in The Collective, it means you embody everything it means to be Well Worn. Your actions are selfless. Your motivations are pure. You’re driven by a sense of purpose. By values, not material greed or the pursuit of fame. You lead by example. You put the needs of others, before your own. But most of all, you always follow your moral compass, even if it sends you on a route that might not be shortest, or easiest. Because to the Well Worn Collective, obstacles are always just challenges, and never reasons to turn around.

Featured Stories

Connor Curran + Dustin Paisley - Local Laundry

Connor + Dustin

Local Laundry

Connor and Dustin are the co-founders of Local Laundry, a made in Canada clothing company based in Calgary, Alberta. A dynamic duo in their late twenties, they show what you can accomplish when you put your heart in it—and your belief in community.

Kyle Chow - Plant

Kyle Chow


Founder of Calgary-based Plant, 36-year-old Kyle Chow knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow a thriving business—from the ground up.

The Collective Team

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Lourdes Juan. The founder and director of four businesses in Calgary, she also founded the not-for-profit food rescue, Leftovers Foundation, which is designed to reduce waste and increase access to healthy food.

Paul is one of the founders of Calgary-based Deepwater Farms, where they use aquaponics to grow fresh, leafy greens all year long—even during the frosty winter months—thanks to the help of some sea bass raised in a closed-loop system on site.

Chris Nowlan is the co-founder of InnerCity Brewing in Calgary, Alberta. What began as a home brewing venture is now a thriving business that keeps him on his feet—and on his toes.

Maggie Hall is a visual artist and advocate based in Calgary. Devoting her life to art, whether it be her own paintings or advocating for the not-for-profit collective art space NVRLND, has taught her the importance of commitment.

An executive chef and caterer, Jagger Gordon founded ‘Feed it Forward’ - a program dedicated to rescuing millions of pounds of “ugly” produce to help combat Canada’s food waste crisis and help the hungry.

When Jana Bookholt asked a friend to take her lobster fishing, the answer she was met with was a resounding no. But Jana’s not the kind of person that takes no for an answer. Now she’s the lone female on an otherwise all-male lobster fishing boat.

At age 24, Troy Moth was one of Canada’s hottest up-and-coming fashion photographers. Now, over a decade later, he’s living in a remote town on Vancouver Island with his days dedicated to transforming the clear-cut forests into stunning works of art.

Brett Kissel is more than just a country music artist. Growing up on a ranch in small town Alberta to performing on-stage in front of thousands of fans, he’s lived a different kind of life than you’d expect from a rock star.

Jully Black is the Juno-winning, R&B belting, Canadian queen of soul. But when she’s not on stage, receiving one of her many accolades, or performing for the Queen of England, she’s doing what she’s (admittedly) best at: empowering others.

It’s every Canadian boy’s dream to play in the NHL, but for Troy Stecher, it was his goal in life. Against all odds, Troy Stecher achieved his lifelong goal of playing in the NHL.

Ricky Forbes drives directly into what most run away from. When a normal day at the office involves driving directly into a severe storm, courage and passion are necessary qualities to have.

What does it mean to be Well Worn?

Mark’s has always been there for those who live well worn. The ones who know that after work is done, a second shift starts. That there are commitments to keep, dates to plan, and life to enjoy. And that the clothes from Mark’s will be with them through it all. It’s about putting the same amount of pride and dedication in our downtime as we do in our work. That’s Well Worn. We constantly challenge ourselves to be the best and always make sure we remain true to our core values.

Well Worn means 'Durability'


Those who are Well Worn will never let someone down. They will always be there when they say they’ll be there. And we’re proud to sell clothes that promise the same.

Well Worn means 'Character'


The Well Worn pride themselves on the strength of their character. We pride ourselves on the strength of our clothes on and off the job. Our clothes have character, and so do the ones who wear it.

Well Worn means 'Wearing it Well'

Wearing it Well

Nothing looks better on you than confidence. Whether you’re at work or out on the town, we have the clothes that give you the confidence in every situation.